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Smoking Policy

All Mercy Health Locations are Smoke-Free

We are very proud to be a smoke-free hospital that encourages a healthy lifestyle free of tobacco use. That's why smoking is not allowed by anyone on any area of any of our locations. Mercy Health strives to provide a safe and healthy environment to improve your hospital experience. In accordance with our Mission to protect the health of our community, Mercy Health Saint Mary's is a Tobacco Free Campus and our employees are Tobacco Free throughout their workday every day.

Tobacco and smoking causes complications for many of our patients, increases hospital stays, increases recovery time when discharged and also increases the chances of readmissions due to these complications.

  • Poor circulation to heart, brain, legs, feet, toes, etc.
  • Diabetes is difficult to control in a tobacco user.
  • Surgery patients: increased risk of complications such as longer time in operating and recovery room due to breathing issues, infection, pneumonia and increase in healing time. Bones heal much slower if you are a smoker.

What Does That Mean to Patients and Visitors?

Patients and visitors will not be allowed to use any form of tobacco or any nicotine delivery device that is not FDA-approved.

We fully recognize that this is an addiction and want to make our patients' hospital stay as comfortable as possible. Patients who are feeling withdrawal symptoms can ask for help from their nurse, respiratory therapist or doctor. If a patient's medical condition allows for nicotine replacement or other medications for withdrawal, we will make every effort to make them available. Many smokers do not have urges in the hospital due to the change in location and illness. Urges go away regardless if you smoke or not and they are can be overcome.

The 4 Ds are very helpful and easy.

  • Deep breathe
  • Distract yourself — turn on the TV
  • Drink cold water
  • Delay — discuss with someone

Visitors are asked to leave the campus completely to smoke. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the campus including sidewalks, parking garages, in cars and on streets. Plan ahead and bring something to help: candy, gum or nicotine replacement if you are staying throughout the day.

Also, if you are visiting a person with breathing or heart problems or babies, please make sure your clothing doesn't smell of smoke.

Learn more about Quit Smoking Programs that are available.