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Innovative Orthopedic Services

Your Best Choice for Orthopedic Care

Why come to Mercy Health Saint Mary's for your orthopedic needs? We offer advanced care, give you access to leading experts and are the team behind many of Michigan's orthopedic "firsts." From simple short-term therapies to full-on joint replacement surgeries, we work with you to provide the best, individualized care for your situation.

Learn More About Our Orthopedic Services:

Excellence in Orthopedic Medicine

The decision to have total joint surgery does not come easily. Most likely you have been living with joint pain for some time, making concessions in your daily life because you can’t do the things you used to enjoy without pain or limitation. Maybe you can no longer take the daily walk you looked forward to every morning. Maybe you’ve cancelled a tee-time, fishing or shopping trip or perhaps a vacation with family one too many times. Maybe you’re tired of being tired, awakened each night by the “wrong” movement, which sends you to the medicine cabinet looking for a temporary solution. Or maybe simple tasks such as getting in or out of a car are painful events. You’re tired of being confined. For these reasons, you are looking for a change.


Your Best Choice for Orthopedic Care

Our multidisciplinary team led by of board-certified fellowship trained physicians and supported by specially trained registered nurses and physical and occupational therapists, Mercy Health comprehensive orthopedics program offers prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehab for orthopedic disorders and injuries. This dedicated, highly-skilled team is committed to helping you have a successful surgery and get back to doing what you love.

Our fellowship trained surgeons are board certified in orthopedic medicine and are experts in minimally invasive surgeries which mean smaller incisions and faster recovery time with less pain and complications.

The registered nurses caring for you have years of experience and additional training in the care of the person undergoing an orthopedic surgery. Your registered nurses will partner with you throughout your hospital stay starting prior to your surgery, through your hospitalization, and after discharge. Your nurse will educate you, assist with your needs, help develop a pain control plan, and prepare and care for you during your surgery and rehabilitation. Your nurse will work with your surgeon to ensure your care is as seamless as possible. Many of the registered nurses you will meet are certified in orthopedic nursing or geriatric nursing.


Orthopedic Specialties

Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement

Mercy Health surgeons and support team are leaders and teachers in hip replacement. The team will first work with you to look at medical management and non-surgical treatment plan prior to surgery. However, if those are not successful the orthopedic team is highly skilled in arthroscopy surgery and complex joint replacements. Depending on the person's age, lifestyle and activity level, our physicians carefully select the most appropriate surgery and implant.

See links to the left for more information on total knee and total hip replacement. 


Mercy Health Saint Mary's has one of the top surgeons in the country and the first to do reverse shoulder replacement in Western Michigan. For very complicated shoulder repairs that others are unable to do, the other surgeons reach out to the expert at Mercy Health Saint Mary's. The shoulder surgeon has helped design shoulder implants, advised on other surgical approaches and new techniques as well as taught courses and other surgeons around the country. Due to these teaching aspects, they have access to new technologies and advances that others are not aware of. There are very few orthopedic shoulder subspecialties but we are fortunate to have one in Western Michigan.               

Foot and Ankle

Our board certified foot and ankle physicians have extensive training and experience in managing and treating both chronic foot and ankle conditions and acute trauma.  By combining the most advanced medical and surgical techniques, we provide expert care for problems resulting from fractures, diabetes, toe deformities, bunions, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, other inflammatory diseases and more. A few of the many foot and ankle treatments offered include:

  • Reconstruction of the foot & ankle
  • Fractures or dislocation of the ankle and foot
  • Sports injuries
  • Arthroscopic surgeryAnkle fusion
  • Arthritis due to trauma, Rheumatoid or primary arthritis
  • Bunions, hammertoe arches  
  • Tendon repair Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine 

Whether you are an athlete or a weekend warrior the orthopedic team at Mercy Health can get you back to your sports. Nothing can be more devastating than a sports injury and all you want to do is get back in the game. 

Our orthopedic surgeons have experience working with professional sports teams including the NBA and NFL. They are currently the team orthopedic surgeons for GVSU and have published chapters on ACL rehabilitation.  They are experts in ACL reconstruction and perform over a hundred reconstructions a year. These surgeons are fellowship trained sports medicine physicians specializing in arthroscopic reconstruction.

Using state of the art cartilage resurfacing procedures in knees they are able to repair damaged cartilage such as cartilage transplant surgery, and autologous chondrocyte implantation. A knee preservation surgery helps unload damaged joints with osteotomies. 

Move, Move, Move

At Mercy Health Saint Mary's, "Move, Move, Move" is the motto of our orthopedic program. This philosophy created by the orthopedic team is designed around the premise that patients who have undergone total joint surgeries are healthy, not sick, and it focuses on getting you "back to doing." Patients are encouraged to get up for all meals, walk to the bathroom, in the halls and Physical therapy room beginning the day of surgery.  The staff has even created a BINGO card so as you play along you will see your daily goals and progress. The result: shortened hospital stays, less pain and faster recovery times. 


Patient Resources


Mercy Health Saint Mary's provides a wonderful service for the patient to get their new discharge medications delivered to their room prior to leaving the hospital from our on-site Family Pharmacy.  This helps avoid the hassle of stopping at a pharmacy on the way home and assures you have the correct medications including your pain medications when you need them.  The nurses will review your medication schedule with you before you leave the hospital and provide education to assure you have a good understanding of your new and current medicines. We can easily transfer your medication refills to your preferred pharmacy, or we can arrange future refills with one of our Mercy Health Pharmacies.

Coming Soon!

On May 19, we will open our newly renovated orthopedic unit. Watch for details and photos of our beautiful new patient rooms.

Michigan Arthroplasty Registry Collaborative Quality Initiative

In an effort to provide the provide the best evidence based practices, Mercy Health is participating with other hospital programs in Michigan to compare practices