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3T Verio MRI

Featuring the latest technology and the largest opening available, Saint Mary's new 3T Verio MRI is one of the first 25 units installed in the U.S. The "3T" stands for three Tesla, which designates greater field strength than the current standard, 1.5T.

With this additional magnet strength, diagnosis of brain disorders, orthopedic cases, and breast MRI will now be easier, more detailed, and have improved accuracy. One of the key differentiating features of this new diagnostic tool is the bore size or opening from which patients enter.

Saint Mary's 3T Verio MRI has an opening of 70-cm, which is currently the largest opening available. In fact, it has the largest opening in Michigan, making it great for bariatric patients, claustrophobic patients, and parents of small children who can actually lean into the unit to ease their child's anxiety.

At 3T, the MAGNETOM Verio boasts the strongest magnet field strength used clinically today. It gives Saint Mary's Health Care physicians access to many applications, including neurology and functional neurology evaluation, orthopedic and cartilage assessment, as well as breast, vascular and cardiac imaging.

The system's large 70-cm opening is wide enough to accommodate a diverse array of patients including individuals who have traditionally been hard to image, such as children, those who are obese (up to 550 lbs), the elderly, and those who are claustrophobic.

MAGENTOM Verio, with the power of TimTM (Total imaging matrix) technology, has up to 102 seamlessly integrated matrix coil elements and up to 32 independent radiofrequency channels, which allow flexible coil combinations that make patient and coil repositioning virtually unnecessary, increasing speed for most MRI exams.

Patient Benefits:

  1. Larger bore size (opening 70-cm) leads to optimal patient comfort
  2. Great alternative for bariatric and pediatric patients
  3. Reduced anxiety and feeling of claustrophobia
  4. More detailed imaging
  5. Faster scan times equate to less time in the machine
  6. Patients can be placed once for multi-station studies, especially helpful for frail or elderly patients

"Our new 3T Verio MRI gives Saint Mary's Health Care one of the most cutting-edge pieces of MRI equipment on the market today," said Earl Monks, Director of Radiology Services. "With this system, we have a magnet that operates at the highest clinically used field strengths but that allows us to deliver one of the most comfortable imaging experiences to our patients. With the many workflow-enhancing features on the system, we also anticipate that it will enable us to increase the number of patients who can take advantage of these valuable imaging services."

If you get severe anxiety, are claustrophobic, or larger in stature, this new MRI may be a great alternative to other machines. If you're referred to get an MRI, ask your physician about the Saint Mary's 3T Verio MRI with the largest opening available. Referrals can be made though your physician's office and appointments can be scheduled by calling 616-685-4000.

Your time is important to us. That's why Saint Mary's highly skilled staff are available to provide this service 24 hours per day, seven days a week.