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PET-CT Procedure Details

What to Expect During Your Procedure

An IV will be established and kept in place for the entirety of your appointment. To begin the procedure, a small amount of radioactive glucose (FDG) is injected into your bloodstream through a small catheter (tube) in an arm or hand vein. There is no danger to you from this injection. Glucose (also known as sugar) is a common substance your body needs in order to function. After the injection, you will wait approximately 90 minutes in a private waiting room while the injected material is distributed throughout your body. You may be asked to drink water and oral contrast material during the waiting period.

After the distribution time is complete, you will be asked to lie on a table, which passes slowly through the scanner. The first part of the scan is the CT scan which shows the body's structure. There may be an injection of contrast material into the vein through the catheter that was previously placed. This is routine with most CT scans. The second part of the scan is the PET scan where you will continue to lie on the table which slowly moves through the scanner.

The scan will take 30-60 minutes and may require the use of oral and/or IV contrast dye.

Below is more information about how to prepared for your PET-CT Scan or PET-CT Brain Scan, as well as a Diet Plan. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access these documents:

PET-CT Scan Patient Preparation

PET-CT Scan Patient Preparation (Spanish)

PET-CT Brain Scan Patient Preparation

PET-CT Patient Diet Plan

PET-CT Patient Diet Plan (Spanish)