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PET-CT Information for Physicians

PET-CT Imaging is available at the Mercy Health Saint Mary's campus. This means increased access for your patients. For referrals, please call 616-685-4000.

Below is a request form for scheduling PET-CT scans at Mercy Health Saint Mary's.

PET-CT Scheduling Order Form

Saint Mary's PET-CT system represents the very latest advancement in PET-CT imaging by introducing TruFlight technology. TruFlight technology increases accuracy for detection and localization of abnormalities, which may provide you with a unique opportunity in initiating a treatment plan earlier than in the past. The use of PET-CT also leads to better patient care through tailored treatment plans by better understanding the extent of disease and response to treatment.

High resolution LSO PET detector technology and a 64-slice scanner with full 3-D PET and CT image viewing. Both PET and CT scans are performed as fully optimized diagnostic scans.


  • Whole body diagnosis, staging and re-staging of cancer

  • Cancer therapy and monitoring

  • Radiation Therapy planning using functional and anatomical images

  • Functional brain imaging, including detection of refractory seizures and early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

Professional Expertise
All radiologists interpreting PET-CT scans are board-certified and have additional sub-specializations in body imaging and neuro imaging. PET-CT exams are interpreted as a fully integrated metabolic (PET) and anatomic (CT) imaging procedure. All of the radiologists maintain PET focused Continuing Education.

Scheduling an Exam
We are committed to making the scheduling process as seamless as possible for our referring physician offices. Please complete and forward the forms below along with any additional patient information such as pathology reports, CT or other diagnostic reports and lab work to Saint Mary's Scheduling Department. Please include any special instructions (i.e. exam to be done ASAP, Wet Read needed, etc.). Saint Mary's Scheduling department will contact your patient to schedule the exam.

If you have questions concerning the scheduling process, please contact the Mercy Health Saint Mary's Scheduling Department at 616-685-4000.

If you need patient brochures, scheduling forms or if you would like someone to visit your office, please contact the Mercy Health Saint Mary's Radiology Marketing Staff by paging 616-397-6544. We look forward to serving you.

PET-CT Clinical Usage

BRAIN        Alzheimer’s      Advancements in PET imaging have allowed for earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, which can increase the opportunity to slow the progression of the disease
Seizure Disorders      The use of PET-CT has significantly assisted in being able to pinpoint the site or origin of the disorder within the brain, which may lead to a surgical removal of the involved tissue and possibly lead to stopping the seizures or lessening the impact.
Parkinson's Disease
(investigational at this time)
Assist in the analysis to determine if a muscle tremor is indication of Parkinson’s disease or some other disorder.
CANCER Types of cancers Diagnosing cancers involving lung, colorectal, esophageal, head, and neck
Lymphoma PET-CT imaging has been found to be very effective in evaluating Hodgkins Lymphoma and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma cells.
Melanoma PET-CT has been reported to be effective in staging melanoma, and very valuable in detecting and/or ruling out the metastases of the diseases to other regions of the body.
NODULE WORKUP Lung Specific Proven beneficial in the characterization of lung nodules to discover the likelihood of cancer, reducing unnecessary surgeries and biopsies.
HEART Myocardial Imaging PET-CT can demonstrate how much of the heart can be expected to recover after a revascularization procedure such as angioplasty or bypass. PET-CT may also be used in the evaluation of coronary artery disease.