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Patient Reflections


Roberta Marlette, Heartside Health Clinic Patient

"Being a patient of Heartside, I was just diagnosed with diabetes this spring. If it hadn't been for my nurse Sharon, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere. She worked with my pharmacy to help me get my diabetes medication for free, and set up a follow-up appointment for me with my doctor. Now she is working to get me into diabetes classes. My experience with Sharon has been very good; very wonderful. She will always find the time to listen to you."

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Vicki, Mercy Health Wege Mind, Body and Spirit Patient

"I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis five years ago, and I was on several drugs, including methotextrate, Embrel, and others. These drugs have serious side effects, including liver failure and lymphoma. After seeing Dr. Zhiqun Zhou for acupuncture every two weeks, I have been taken off all my medications! I met with my rheumatologist recently, who just told me I don't even have to see him for treatment anymore! I can't say enough good things about The Wege Institute and Dr. Zhiqun Zhou — I am always referring people to see her, even some from Detroit. She is amazing. I would suggest anyone with an autoimmune disease see Dr. Zhou."

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Dan Veenstra, Spinal Fusion Surgery Patient

"I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised. We have always gone to another hospital for our services, but I had my spinal fusion performed by Dr. Klafeta and Dr. Hedeman, at the Mercy Health Hauenstein Neuroscience Center, and was just floored by the excellent service. I can't say enough about the physicians, nurses, MAs; the entire staff was just phenomenal. Before surgery, I couldn't even walk 300 feet. Within days, I was able to walk four to eight miles at a stretch and have lost 40 pounds to date! You never realize how debilitating your issue is until you have it fixed."

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George Springer, Mercy Health Lacks Cancer Center, Senior Adult Unit Patient

"From the custodial staff all the way to the physicians, everyone had such a positive attitude. I don't think Mercy Health Saint Mary's hires anyone without a great attitude. Where do they find these people? On 3 Lacks, they treat your disease and your mindset. In my experience, it was my mindset. The nurses were superb. A nurse from another unit, 7 North, even came to visit me while she was on her break. Now, you can't fake that kind of care."

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Lindsay Pavey, Mercy Health Comprehensive Breast Center Patient

"It was pretty terrifying to hear the news that you have breast cancer at the age of 28. For as awful of a situation as it is, the staff at the Comprehensive Breast Center turned it into an awesome experience, if that makes sense. They were never condescending; not once did they talk down to me. I really felt like they cared. Dr. Caughran was my surgeon, and she did everything in her power to help me both mentally and physically — she introduced me to another young cancer patient who was on the other side of her treatment and surgery, which totally changed my perception on the quality of care I would receive. Now I want to be that person on the other side who helps other young cancer patients, and do what I can, even though I'm not a surgeon or nurse. I can be their advocate."

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Aaron Milton, Kidney Transplant Recipient

"After being on the kidney transplant waiting list for nearly five years, I finally received a kidney from an altruistic donor, thanks to Mercy Health Saint Mary's anonymous kidney donor program. Everyone from the coordinating doctors, to the RNs, to the social workers, was just so nice. In the months before my transplant, I was on dialysis three times a week. I had to stop working. I was so tired and weak. After the transplant, now I'm back at work, and really doing great. This transplant at Mercy Health Saint Mary's made a big difference in my life. I was very blessed to receive such a wonderful gift, and I'm hoping to help others receive the kidneys they so desperately need."

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