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Coping with a Kidney Transplant

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While hospitalized, you may experience some frustration with the confinement. These feelings, while common, need to be shared with your treatment team. They can provide you with helpful information regarding your situation.

After hospitalization you may experience concern over the possibility of rejection. This usually decreases with time as you learn to live with yet another of life's uncertainties.

You will notice many positive changes following your transplant. Along with these changes, patients usually experience an increased sense of well-being. Adapting to these changes will take a significant amount of your time and energy. You will, however, learn many new life skills while adapting. Needless to say, each family member will also be affected by these changes.

As you feel better physically, you may find yourself dealing with other issues, such as employment, family role changes, body image and cost of medicines. Your transplant team, and specifically your social workers, can assist you in dealing with these concerns. They are aware of other resources and support groups that can help you and your family to cope.

As time goes on, you will learn to manage life with your new kidney and the changes that happened because of it. And you will be pleased with yourself — an emotionally, mentally and physically stronger you.