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Care Champions at Mercy Health Saint Mary's

saythankyougraphic.jpgCare Champions are those physicians, employees, or volunteers who have had a gift made to Mercy Health Saint Mary's in their honor by a grateful patient and/or family. In addition to the listing of their name below and in other Mercy Health Saint Mary's publications, Care Champions receive a special lapel pin and recognition by their manager.

Care Champions

Kristen L. Anderson, MD
William Baguley, MD
Mike Balk
David Baumgartner, MD
Paul Beaulie, DO, MPH
Sejal Patel Bennett, MD
Nicole Bibbee, MD
Mark R. Boelkins, MD**
Jamar Bolden
Daniel K. Borreson, MD
Sara Bosworth
Dorothy Bowen*
Kat Bradburn
Kevin Brader, MD****
Sarah Budzyn
Carolyn Buer
Ann Burciaga
Cory Bush
Martin Bury, MD
Sheila Buys
Christina Bylsma*
Kayla Carr
Judy Carter
Patricia Carpentier
Jamie Caughran, MD*
Mario Cesario, MD*
Gaiane Cherpes*
Jacqueline Cody
Katie Craig
Johari Curry
Jennefer Czarnopis
Mitchell Davis
Rebecca DeHaan
Michael DeJong, MD
Joshua DeKorne
Rachel Doezema
Paula Dungog, MD
Gerald Durfee, MD
Kathy Everts
Paul Farr, MD


Stefania Faylor
Rachel Florez*
Kevin Foley, MD*
Thomas B. Foster, MD
Deborah Gelinas, MD
Lisa Gerke
Nancy Gould
Tom Gribbin, MD*
Kristen Hall
Heidi Harkema*
Cindy Henney
Linda Hillen
Tim Howell, MD
Stephen Huang, MD
Dorothy Hubbard
Amanda Huisman
Cheri Hulst********
Lynda Hulst, MD
Barbara Johnson
James Kane, MD*
Karolyn Kaylor*
Jessica Keto, MD*
Cathy Kirby
Steve Klafeta, MD
Stacy Koslek
Autumn Kraus
Diane Kreslins
Jamie M. Kupris
Kristina Kutzli
Jay LaBine, MD
Deborah Lakanen
Teresa LaLonde
Stefani Larsen
Sarah Layner
Nehal Lakhani, MD
Jürgen Lüders, MD**
Jonelle Lund
Jeff Majzel
Laura Maka


Michelle Mast
Larry McCahill, MD
Lindsey Merrill*
Sarah Miller, MD
Jacqueline Mucinski
Kathy Myers
Sherrie Myers
Leslie Neuman, MD
Jerome Niedzwiecki
Louis Nykamp, MD
Judy Overmyer*
Becky Parker
James P. Passinault, MD**
Lindsey Perrault
Yolanda Polet
Aaron Poquette
Susan Price
Pamela Racette
Fred Reyelts, MD
Rose Rice
Peter S. Ritsema, MD
Gladys Rodriguez*
Paul Rodriguez, MD
Teresa Rodriguez
Janice Roobol
Donald Scholten
William Scott, MD
Behrooz B. Shabahang, MD****
Dan Sherman
Stanley R. Sherman, MD
Laura Skibinski
Dorothy Hubbard
Amanda Huisman
Cheri Hulst********
Lynda Hulst, MD
Barbara Johnson

Care Champion Departments

Great Lakes Specialty Hospital
Mercy Health Comprehensive Breast Center**
The Emergency Department at Mercy Health Saint Mary's
Mercy Health Saint Mary's Knee Replacement Recovery Floor
The Labor and Delivery Department at Mercy Health Saint Mary's*
Mercy Health Lacks Cancer Center****
The Personal Care Area in the Mercy Health Lacks Cancer Center*****
The Radiation Oncology Department at Mercy Health Saint Mary's**
Renal Associates of West Michigan
Sophia's House
The Surgery Department at Mercy Health Saint Mary's
The Staff on Floor 4 at Mercy Health Lacks Cancer Center
The Staff on Floor 3 at Mercy Health Hauenstein Neurosciences
The Staff on 7 South Orthopedics at Mercy Health Saint Mary's
The Transplant Department at Mercy Health Saint Mary's***
Mercy Health Wege Institute of Mind, Body, and Spirit***
Women's Health at Mercy Health Saint Mary's

* Denotes how many additional times recognized as a Care Champion or Care Champion Department

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